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Art of Defias Brotherhood Source
#0 - 2006/08/29 04:53:04 PM
Collection of sketches and drawings made by players on Defias Brotherhood. Post a link to your work and it will be listed here. A big thanks to all contributors.

Artist name in bold
Ample ( Thargas)
Mischa... ( Erjin)
My little rogue...( Erjin)
Her friend...( Erjin)
Shammie... ( Erjin)
Long-long ago... ( Erjin)
My true face...( Erjin)
The Spring in Ashenvale...( Erjin)
Axl of Violent Noise( Systria)
Fira Firefriend( Fenuviel)
Fenuviel( Fenuviel)(Black gear)
Sashlin Sue Size Select Clarks a Z8AOWA4
(Red gear)( Fenuviel)
(As the Dark General)( Fenuviel)
Chessny and Midi( Fenuviel)
Fenuviel, Nahmesto, and Shagrath( Fenuviel)
Fenu and a random elf ( Fenuviel)
Suede Sharpshooter Chocolate Blowfish Dyecut Sport
Elf ( Erjin)
Hamar Nightbreeze( Eireth)
BOOYAH!!! ( Gharb)
Savitare ( Jaqien)
Gharb ( Heresy)
Muirna riding ( Muirna)
Artemis Linton ( Crane)
Dornen ( Muirna)
Sleeping Muirna, because I can... ( Sharpshooter Blowfish Suede Dyecut Chocolate Sport Muirna)
Muirna and Marjory ( Muirna)
You had to be there, I guess... ( Muirna)
Marjory ( Muirna)
Memories ( Bindra)
Muirna again( Muirna)
Sort-of anatomically correct... ( Muirna)
Admus and Olly... ( Muirna)
Campfire talk. ( Muirna)
And last, another Marjory.( Muirna)
Heresy 1,2 ( Indy)
Portrait of Heresy ( Indy)
West Black Heeled Leather 40th Loafer Anniversary Kimmy Nine BwqdRR
Heresy3 ( Indy)
Arcorash ( Indy)
Gharb & Heresy ( Gharb)
Admus Crane ( Admus)
Ugrash ( Ugrash)
Bokkie ( Bokkie)
Nahmesto ( Trianon)
Erijin ( Erijin)
Leeloo ( Seraphie)
An Old Town Syndicate comic, in three parts! ( Trianon)
Part one
Part two
Part three
Trianon and Nieve ( Trianon)
Trianon ( Fenuviel)
Syskae ( Fenuviel)
Vae and Theranor ( Trianon)
Galindra ( Thargas)
Fira and Fenuviel meeting up after a long long time ( FiraTommy Select 2 a Hilfiger Tai Size 4qgS4rx)
Mithrandos ( Eireth)
Maelie "cottonmouth" Featherwind ( Fira)
Fira ( Fira)
Seleen ( Eireth)
Talros in his true shape with his big pole ( Eireth)
Catleen Sunfield ( FiraMadden Leopard Steve Palmer Palmer Steve Leopard Velvet Madden Steve Madden Velvet HxFR0q)
Wicked Fira ( Fira) Lace Teva Black Active Float dqt1Aw
Melnerag and Fira in Felwood, Drawing Kharzim, colour Fira ( Fira)
Sigmar ( Eireth)
Shagrath! drawing by kharzim, colour and ink by Fira. ( Kharzim and Fira)
Two Gnomes ( Eireth)
Harpy (a very underestimated creature, they are pretty!) ( Fira)
Succubus.. unfinished.. ( Fira)
request from Shari ( Fira collab with Kharzim )
art trade with fenuviel ( Fira)
warrior ( Thargas);topic=2438.0;id=316;image
Iomaré Baladedancer ( Fira collab with Kharzim)
Fira Firefriend ( Fira collab with Kharzim)
Fira on Mechanostrider ( Fira)
Fira reading book of darkness ( Fira)
Perun ( Fira)
Fenuviel ( Fira)
Jaqi ( Fenuviel)
Sonora ( Fenuviel)
Jaqien ( Jaqien)

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